E3:Universal (Electronic Evidence Examiner) Maximize

E3:Universal (Electronic Evidence Examiner)

E3:U is the only tool of its kind that can work through ALL types of digital data: computers, email, internet data, smartphones, & IoT devices. Try the unique Auto-Exam feature that allows you to set the exam parameters & then walk away while the powerful processing engines go to work. E3:U comes with a tiered review system so multiple people in your org. can review the collected data.  

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  • License Key
  • Dongle
  • Existing Dongle
  • Web License Key


Each E3:Universal Purchase Includes:  
  • E3:Universal Software 
  • P2C Engines
  • DS Engine
  • IoT Engines
  • JTAG Engine
  • Logical Imager
  • Physical Imager
  • Cloud Analysis
  • E3:Viewer 
  • DP2C USB Drive
  • P2X Pro Software
  • Link2
  • DS Toolbox Cable & Accessory Kit
  • Electronic Training for DSMO Certification
  • 1 Year SMS on all software