Chip-Off Essentials Course Maximize

Chip-Off Essentials Course

The Chip Off advanced extractions from Mobile Phones is an essential skill for Forensic Examiners. Increased device security and file protection are making standard extraction methods more and more difficult. 

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In this course, students will learn Chip-Off Extraction Techniques utilizing the heat method. You will also learn how to re-ball a chip, soldering techniques, data structures on a NAND and NOR chips, how to utilize RIFF and ORT boxes and multiple forensic software solutions that interpret the raw data dumps.


To obtain the most from this course, you should meet the following requirements:

  • Able to understand the course material presented in the English language.
  • Perform basic computer operations.
  • Have basic knowledge of digital forensics.
  • Have a basic understanding of Microsoft Windows environment.
  • Be able to perform disassembly of electronic devices.

IMPORTANT: Students should be prepared to work with potentially harmful chemicals and equipment with extremely hot surfaces that have the potential to burn skin, clothing and other materials. Students will also be working with very small parts that will require the use of visual magnification.