MFK3-D - Mobile Field Kit 3.0 - Laptop with E3:DS Maximize

MFK3-D - Mobile Field Kit 3.0 - Laptop with E3:DS

MFK3-D is a deployable mobile device system that allows for the quick field acquisition of mobile devices and associated accessories.  The MFK3-D includes everything you need to perform acquisitions and analysis in the field with the E3:DS software pre-installed on the laptop.  The MFK3-D is 100% ready for action right out of the box.

More details

  • License Key
  • Dongle
  • Web License Key


The MFK3-D is only for processing mobile devices.  If you want to process all types of devices and evidence, please select the MFK3-U product

Each MFK3-D Purchase Includes:

  • Laptop (specs: 14" Full HD screen, Win 10 (64-bit), Intel i7-8550U Processor, 16 Gig RAM, 250 GB SSD)
  • AC Power Adapter
  • BlueTooth Adapter
  • DC Car Adapter
  • iPhone-1 Cable
  • iPhone-2 Cables
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Samsung-TAB Cable
  • Samsung Galaxy Cable
  • SIM Card Reader
  • Multi-SIM Adapter
  • Micro Media Reader
  • Multi-Media Reader
  • Rechargeable Power Bank
  • 75-Watt Car Adapter
  • Cloneable SIM Card
  • Port Cleaning Brush
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Medium StrongHold Bag
  • Tablet StrongHold Bag
  • PAP-8000 & Software
  • E3:DS software
  • USB Dongle
  • JTAG Engine
  • IoT Engines
  • Physical Imager
  • Logical Imager
  • Cloud Analysis
  • Link2
  • Rugged Carrying Case with Wheels
  • Electronic Training for DSMO Certification
  • 1 Year SMS for software
MFK3-D can only be purchased directly through Paraben.
Please note, each MFK3-D is built to order so delivery may take up to 7 days from the order date.