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E3 Fast Fundamentals Course (Online Only)

Paraben’s E3 Fundamentals Fast Track Course is a 16-hour comprehensive online course designed to get students familiar with using Paraben’s E3:P2C functions to perform advanced computer forensics, data triage, email analysis, search internet history, and much more.

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This course is designed to cover computer forensic analysis using E3:P2C. The E3 Fast Track course will give attendees everything they need to be proficient in forensic examinations using E3:P2C through a variety of different common evidence types. Students completing the E3:P2C course should already be trained in the basics of computer forensics. This course includes the PCCE (Paraben Certified Computer) Examiner testing and certification. 

When purchasing and registering for our training course, Please DO NOT book your travel arrangements until you have received your email confirmation from the training department confirming your seat in the course. We will be confirming registration within 24 hours of your order.

Course Objectives:

Once the course is completed the students will be able to:

  • Perform a comprehensive forensic analysis using E3
  • Perform a data triage collection and analysis using DP2C and E3
  • Analyze, filter, export, and report on local email as well as network email stores
  • Perform forensic acquisitions using DP2C
  • Create forensic containers for case data minimization, storage, & sharing
  • Analyze memory dumps
  • Analyze internet files
  • Analyze chat log data
  • Analyze a variety of file systems